Calyxia is a data design agency
Design the future.


Focused on bringing together the best aspects of science, design and technology.

Organizing Information

Design and implement data visualizations and voice interactions.

Product Design

Thoughtful and complete user-centered design to focus on your users.


Work to help build strong, compassionate networks and relationships.


Science is our lodestar

I picked the name Calyxia out of the love for botany, plants and nature that I’ve had since I was a girl. A calyx is an enveloping structure for a flower—it keeps the varied components (petals, pistil, stamen) together so they fit as one.

This business is an attempt to help sift through the chaos of the modern world and find focus and clarity. This can be done with mindfulness in nature, your backyard or simply sitting in a well-designed space. Modern life needs a utility kit, and I can help.

My focus on design exists in both the real and digital realms. My design experience includes data visualizations, garden designs, recipe development and the creation of guides and products to delight people looking for meaning and clarity. I embrace the challenge of using the design process for projects ranging from data visualization in JavaScript, musical games with voice interaction and guidelines for compassionate systems.


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Based in Seattle.