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ActivOptix microcapsules are fully contained microcapsules for use in digital displays, security systems, and anti-counterfeiting.

ActivOptix - a product of Calyxia

ActivOptix microcapsules are fully contained microcapsules for use in digital displays. These microcapsules contain optical additives and bring benefits such as: uniform dispersion of capsules, protection against outside particles/chemicals, resistance to leakage, and longer performance life.

Many optical materials are highly sensitive to shear and can’t be added to plastics. ActivOptix can help protect these materials to allow them to be incorporated into previously incompatible materials. This can unlock new functionalities and applications.



  • Leakage-free and transparent microcapsules
  • Unprecedented protection
  • Improved processability at high temperatures
  • Maximized optical properties during the lifetime of the product
  • Better performance across the life of your product
  • Increased functionality
  • Lower cost without sacrificing quality


We can encapsulate:

  • Liquid Crystals (PLC)
  • Quantum Dots
  • Photochromic Dyes for protection against shear
  • Smart pigments
  • Thermochromic pigments
  • Luminescent pigments
  • Mechanochromic pigments
    …  and many more – just ask!



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ActivOptix® Product Brochure

ActivOptix brochure

Microcapsules for containing optical additives and pigments

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