CalyBeauty - personal care - cosmetic applications


Biodegradable microcapsules designed for use in personal care products.

CalyBeauty - a product of Calyxia

CalyBeauty microcapsules are biodegradable microcapsules designed for use in personal care products including haircare, skincare, makeup, cleansers, wipes, and other cosmetic products. With CalyBeauty you can replace and eliminate non-biodegradable microplastic microcapsules while introducing new sensory effects, new fragrances, and new release profiles.



  • Flexibility in delivery (short-term or long-lasting)​
  • Different release triggers​ (diffusion, shear, pH)​
  • Compatibility with liquid and dry formulation ​
  • Stability under aggressive manufacturing conditions
  • Introduce new sensorial effects (new fragrances, and new release profiles)​
  • Microplastic-free​
  • Compatibility with extended range of fragrances and ingredients​
  • Full protection of fragrances and ingredients​
  • Improved stability and extended shelf-life​
  • Optimized fragrance dosage​
  • Improved adhesion (hair, skin)


  • Haircare
  • Skincare
  • Makeup
  • Wipes
  • Cosmetics
    … and many more – just ask!


Calyxia Consumer care - Home care - biodegradable microencapsulation


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CalyBeauty Product Brochure

CalyBeauty brochure

Microplastic-free, biodegradable microcapsules for the personal care market

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