CalyCare - home care applications


Biodegradable microcapsules designed for use in home care products.

Calycare - a product of Calyxia

CalyCare microcapsules are biodegradable microcapsules designed for use fabric care, surface care, air care, dish care, pet care, and I&I products.

With CalyCare, you can replace and eliminate non-biodegradable microplastic microcapsules while introducing perceivable functional performance.



  • Microplastic-free and biodegradable
  • Size-controlled microcapsules
  • Long lasting effect for fragrances ​
  • Customizable release triggers​ (diffusion, shear, pH)​
  • Compatibility with liquid and dry formulation ​
  • Stability under aggressive manufacturing conditions
  • Compliant with ECHA microplastic regulation
  • Compatibility with extended range of fragrances and ingredients​
  • Full protection of  active ingredients (essential oils, anti-microbials, colorants …) ​
  • Improved stability and extended shelf life​
  • Improved adhesion (fabrics, surface)


  • Fabric Care
  • Surface Care
  • Air Care
  • Dish Care
  • Pet care
  • I&I
    … and many more – just ask!


Calycare home care applications


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CalyCare Product Brochure

CalyCare brochure

Microplastic-free, biodegradable microcapsules for the home care market

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