Calyxia’s patented microencapsulation technology is based on 30 years of advancements in emulsion science.

Calyxia’s products allow our customers to:


Improve the cost-effectiveness of their products, by reducing raw material and energy costs and improving process efficiency. (Affordable)

Consumer Care

Achieve their own sustainable development goals by decreasing their carbon footprint, reducing water use and eliminating microplastic pollution. (Sustainable)

Advanced Materials

Add new benefits to their own products by introducing new functional ingredients or new sensorial effects, extending product shelf life, and optimizing performance duration. (Superior)

Expertise in Design

Calyxia works closely with our partners from specification definition to application trials to deliver perfectly designed microcapsules.

Expertise in Manufacturing

Calyxia manufactures products in our best-in-class facility and reliably supply partners all around the world.

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