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Calyxia sustainable agriculture video


NaturaCaps™ are a new generation of biodegradable and eco-engineered microcapsules for agricultural ingredients. Calyxia’s NaturaCaps™ microcapsules help enable a new era for agriculture: higher crop yields, better soil quality, improved health and safer working conditions for farmers. “We empower the world to grow food more sustainably”.

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Consumer care video

Consumer Care

EnviroCaps are a new generation of microplastic-free microcapsules produced by Calyxia for home and personal care products. Our biodegradable and plant-based EnviroCaps microcapsules provide full protection of active ingredients, with long-lasting effects for fragrances. “We empower the world to experience beautiful fragrance sensations more sustainably”.

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Calyxia microencapsulation serving industrial markets - automotive - EV

Advanced Materials

ActivOptix®, Calyshield®, and Catalyx® are a new generation of high-performance microcapsules providing new functionalities to materials. Resistant to extreme process conditions, Calyxia’s microcapsules contain and protect reactive, functional, or optical ingredients, and deliver them on-demand. “We empower the world with more efficient processes and new high-performance materials”.

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