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Advanced Sustainable Chemistry

Calyxia designs, manufactures, and sells high-performing and eco-engineered microcapsule and microparticle solutions that enable global manufacturers to advance product performance and achieve sustainability goals. We serve leading industrial clients in Agriculture, Consumer Care, and Advanced Materials.

Market Benefits


Calyxia NaturaCaps® are a new generation of biodegradable and eco-engineered microcapsules for agricultural ingredients. NaturaCaps microcapsules help enable a new era for agriculture: higher crop yields, better soil quality, improved health, and safer working conditions for farmers. “We empower the world to grow food more sustainably”.

Consumer Care

Calycare® and Calybeauty™ are a new generation of microplastic-free microcapsules and microparticles produced by Calyxia for home and personal care products. Our biodegradable and eco-engineered Calycare® and Calybeauty™ microcapsules and microparticles enable new sensory and functional performance for unforgettable home and personal care products. “We empower the world to experience new sensations sustainably”.

Advanced Materials

ActivOptix®, Calyshield®, and Catalyx® are a new generation of high-performance microcapsules providing new functionalities to materials. Resistant to extreme process conditions, Calyxia’s microcapsules contain and protect reactive, functional, or optical ingredients, and deliver them on-demand. “We empower the world with more efficient processes and new high-performance materials”.

Why Do We Do It?

We at Calyxia believe that scientific creativity and industrial boldness are key to delivering a more sustainable tomorrow. Our fight against microplastic pollution enables us to address the challenges of the 21st century:

Calyxia's reasons - Biodiversity protection
Calyxia reasons - biodiversity protection

Biodiversity Protection

Reasons for Calyxia - Soil fertility
Calyxia reasons - soil fertility

Soil Fertility

Calyxia's reason - Human health
Calyxia reasons - human health

Human Health

Calyxia's reasons Longer-lasting and Energy Efficient Materials
Calyxia reason - Longer-lasting and Energy Efficient Materials

Longer-lasting and Energy Efficient Materials

Calyxia - commitment become part of the environmental solution

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