Going Beyond Chemistry to build a Green and Advanced World

We are an emerging multinational company that designs and manufactures a new era of advanced and sustainable microcapsules.

Introducing the world 1st customizable, advanced and sustainable microencapsulation technology

customizable microcapsules

Fully customizable

Unique technology platform 

for application-designed microcapsules

Complete protection

Complete protection

Eliminating instability and degradation in extreme and demanding conditions

biodegradable microcapsules

Controlled delivery

Release at the optimum time and site for maximum performance

What we do?


We work with our partners from specification definition to application trials to deliver perfectly designed microcapsules.


We industrially manufacture in our best-in-class facility and reliably supply partners all around the world.

Our products and solutions

Advanced Materials

Advanced Materials

Advanced microcapsules for lighter, stronger and functional materials for the mobility and electronics needs of tomorrow.

Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture

Biodegradable and bio-based microcapsules to sustainably enhance crop protection and world food supply.


Home Care

Sustainable Home Care

Biodegradable and bio-based microcapsules for cleaner and greener homes with new sensorial effects.

They support us

Harvard University