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A Journey From Lab Bench To An Industrial Reality

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Calyxia is an innovative Deep Tech French SME created in 2015, arising from a successful partnership between the prestigious ESPCI Paris School and Harvard University (USA).

After 6 years of major research, Calyxia has developed the world’s first customizable, advanced and sustainable microencapsulation technology.

This innovative microencapsulation technology enables functional ingredients to be protected against degradation in extreme environments and then delivered at the optimum time and site for maximum performance. It unlocks the performance potential and expands the use of functional ingredients.

Today, Calyxia designs, manufactures and supplies a revolutionary generation of microencapsulated functional ingredients. In Agriculture and Home Care, our biodegradable microcapsules offer a solution to microplastics with superior volatility reduction or new sensorial effects. With unparalleled stability, versatility, and functional performance, Calyxia microcapsules solve unmet Advanced Materials challenges in product innovation. 

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