Our Leadership Talent, Highlighted in Forbes Magazine

Calyxia’s recent feature in Forbes Magazine spotlights a remarkable aspect of the company’s growth journey: the attraction of top-tier leadership talent from major international corporations. This influx of experienced leaders underscores the company’s rising influence in the realms of sustainable industrial practices and environmental innovation.

Global Leaders Unite at Calyxia
At the forefront of Calyxia’s dynamic leadership are Michel Boyer-Chammard (Managing Director), Patrice Lataillade (Chief Financial Officer), and Christophe Wielgosik (Chief Human Resources Officer). Each brings a wealth of experience from their tenure in global corporations, marking a significant chapter in Calyxia’s story. Their collective expertise and shared vision for reindustrializing France and expanding globally are pivotal to Calyxia’s mission.

A Magnet for Visionary Talent
Calyxia’s ability to attract such high-caliber leadership talent speaks volumes about its corporate ethos and future potential. These leaders, with their inspiring career trajectories, have chosen Calyxia, drawn by its innovative approach to sustainable technology and its commitment to creating a positive environmental impact.

The article in Forbes is a testament to the collaborative efforts at Calyxia, appreciating both the leadership team’s strategic direction and the collective contribution of all team members. Calyxia extends its gratitude to the Forbes editorial team for recognizing their unique corporate journey.

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