Calyxia Consumer Care - personal care biodegradable microcapsules

Consumer Care

Biodegradable microcapsules and microparticles unlocking new performances for Home Care and Personal Care products

Calyxia’s revolutionary approach to consumer care is embodied in our biodegradable microcapsules and microparticles:  CalyCare® for home care products, and CalyBeauty™ for personal care products. These cutting-edge solutions add new functionalities and sensory effects to home and personal care products, transforming the landscape of personal and home care industries with a focus on sustainability, performance, and differentiation.

Our CalyCare® and CalyBeauty™ microcapsules and microparticles represent the pinnacle of innovation, designed to replace non-biodegradable microplastics and introduce new sensory experiences, fragrances, and release profiles. With our technology, clients can leverage the dual benefits of environmental responsibility and enhanced product performance, ensuring a competitive edge in the market.

Calyxia’s advanced production capabilities and co-design approach ensure that we can meet the specific needs of our clients, delivering large volumes of high-quality microcapsules and microparticles to various locations worldwide with unmatched reliability. This commitment to flexibility, excellence, and innovation positions Calyxia as a leader in cleantech for the consumer care market.

Calyxia’s solutions are engineered for economic viability, offering clients improved product stability, extended shelf life, and optimized ingredient dosage, all of which contribute to cost savings and enhanced profitability for our customers.


Calyxia’s Consumer Care Products


Biodegradable microcapsules and microparticles are designed for use in personal care products including skincare, sun care, hair care, makeup, deodorants, men’s grooming and aromatherapy for both liquid and solid cosmetic products.


Biodegradable microcapsules designed for use in home care products including fabric care, surface care, air care, dish care, pet care and I&I products.

Calyxia empowers the world to experience beautiful fragrance sensations more sustainably. Find out how.

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