Calyxia Advanced Materials - microencapsulation for industrial markets

Advanced Materials

Cutting-edge, non-porous microcapsules designed to revolutionize your final material, making them lighter, stronger, and more energy-efficient.

Calyxia’s cutting-edge microencapsulation technology enables the encapsulation, protection, and precise delivery of highly reactive and high-performing functional ingredients across a diverse array of polymer matrices.

Built to last, our microcapsules allow our customers to enhance the durability of their end material and the efficiency of their production processes, also significantly improving the final product quality. By adopting our solutions, clients can achieve substantial reductions in energy consumption, CO2 emissions, and production cycle times.

Co-designed to meet your specific needs, our microencapsulated solutions offer exceptional performance and economic benefits, facilitating a quicker return on investment (ROI), and elevating profitability levels.

Our advanced production facilities ensure the capability to produce and deliver large volumes of microcapsules in various physical forms to multiple locations worldwide, supported by a highly reliable supply chain. Through our commitment to excellence and innovation, we empower our customers to meet their production goals with greater efficiency and sustainability.


Advanced Materials Products


Calyshield® microcapsules encapsulate functional additives for improved performance and enhanced functionalities. We encapsulate lubricants, flame retardants, UV absorbers, antioxidants, pigments and many more.


Catalyx® microcapsules are designed to fully contain your reactive ingredient (catalyst, curing agent, accelerators, initiators, self-healing agents, etc.) during the processing of your material. the reactive ingredient is fully protected until released at the right time in the right place by an activation system based on shear, pressure or heat.


ActivOptix ® microcapsules are fully contained microcapsules for use in digital displays, security systems, and anti-counterfeiting. These microcapsules contain optical additives and bring benefits such as uniform dispersion of capsules, protection against outside particles/chemicals, resistance to leakage, and longer performance life.

We empower the world with more efficient processes and new high-performance materials. Find out how.

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