Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture

Biodegradable and eco-engineered microcapsules for agricultural ingredients

Step into the future of sustainable agriculture with Calyxia NaturaCaps® – our revolutionary biodegradable microcapsules designed to transform the agriculture product market.

At the heart of Calyxia’s innovation, NaturaCaps stands as a testament to our commitment to marrying unparalleled performance with environmental stewardship.

NaturaCaps embodies Calyxia’s unique microencapsulation technology, designed to encapsulate, protect, and deliver active ingredients with unparalleled precision across various agricultural applications. By integrating NaturaCaps into your formulated products you can achieve remarkable improvements in crop protection and nutrient delivery, leading to healthier and more robust yields.

Why Calyxia NaturaCaps®

It’s simple. Our patented technology replaces harmful non-biodegradable microplastic microcapsules, offering an eco-friendly solution without compromising efficacy. For industrials eager to gain a competitive edge and champion sustainability, NaturaCaps is your ally. This cutting-edge product will not only set you apart in the marketplace but also ensure you are aligned with the latest clean technology trends, reinforcing the differentiation of your products. NaturaCaps represents Calyxia’s dedication to improving agricultural efficiency. Whether you’re looking to protect your crops from fungal diseases, control invasive weeds, eliminate pests, or simply boost the efficacy of bio-control actives and additives, NaturaCaps offers a tailor-made solution.

Optimized Performance and Versatility

Calyxia’s NaturaCaps microcapsules offer sustained protection of your active ingredient. Our microcapsules encapsulate a broad spectrum of actives, providing versatile solutions to a wide array of agricultural challenges. Customizable properties and release profiles ensure precise, targeted action to meet specific agricultural needs with accuracy.

NaturaCaps for agriculture application

Environmental Benefits

The biodegradable nature of NaturaCaps aligns with sustainable farming practices, reducing environmental impact and advancing the transition towards regenerative agriculture. Calyxia’s NaturaCaps can also significantly enhance soil health by optimizing agrochemical delivery and reducing unnecessary usage.

Sustainable forests


By partnering with Calyxia, you’re choosing a leader in clean technology dedicated to the agriculture sector. Our biodegradable microcapsules ensure you’re not just meeting current regulations but staying ahead of the curve. NaturaCaps represents a key innovation in our portfolio, designed to replace non-biodegradable microplastics with a sustainable, performance-enhancing alternative. Calyxia’s commitment to flexibility, excellence, and innovation positions us as a trusted partner in your journey toward sustainable and profitable agriculture.

agriculture chemical spray technology

Advanced Production and Reliable Supply

Our state-of-the-art production facilities are equipped to produce and deliver large volumes of NaturaCaps to locations worldwide, supported by a highly reliable supply chain. This capability ensures that we can meet the demands of our clients, regardless of scale or location, with precision and efficiency.


Calyxia NaturaCaps®

NaturaCaps are our patented biodegradable microcapsules for the agriculture market.

We empower the world to grow food more sustainably. Find out how.

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