AdeBiotech 2024

Calyxia present at AdeBioTech agriculture meeting at Romainville, (FR)

If you are seeking to differentiate your products for the agriculture sector meet Calyxia on April 2nd– 3rd at Adebiotech, the independent think tank meeting for biotechnology in France, at Romainvaille, France. Calyxia Naturacaps™, our revolutionary biodegradable microcapsules design to transform the agriculture market, help to reduce agrochemical usage, combat soil artificialization, and boost agricultural yields.

With size-controlled, customizable, biodegradable, plant-based microcapsules, we are capable to encapsulate, protect, and precisely deliver a broad range of ingredients aligning performance and sustainability.

If you wish to know more about Calyxia Naturacaps™ product visit our agriculture landing page or contact us.

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