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Calyshield microcapsules encapsulate functional additives for improved performance and enhanced functionalities.

Calyshield-a product of calyxia

Calyshield microcapsules perfectly integrate into your material and disperse evenly.  We encapsulate lubricants, flame retardants, UV absorbers, antioxidants, pigments and many more.

With Calyshield, you can avoid secondary reactions or limited compatibility and undesired migration.

Calyshield microcapsules can be activated by shear, pressure, or temperature to release your functional ingredient at the optimum time during processing. An example of this: Calyshield-L lubricants can be released upon shear abrasion, providing lubrication at the moment of greatest friction. This enables longer-lasting products with lower use of lubricant.



  • Easy to incorporate size-controlled accelerator microcapsules
  • Can be processed even in extreme conditions (extrusion, compression & injection molding, …)
  • Provides a lubricant reservoir during the lifetime of the polymers or the coatings
  • Full protection of functional materials against degradation, hydrolysis, oxidation and cross reaction even in demanding conditions
  • Long-lasting performance during use of your products
  • Full compatibility of functional materials within your polymer matrix or formulation
  • More durability, longer service-life, and consistent high quality of your products


  • Plastics and Polymers
  • Paints and Coatings
  • Wires and Cables
  • Composites
  • Inks
    … and many more – just ask!


Calyshield coating application


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Calyshield® Product Brochure

Calyshield brochure

Self-lubricating, flame-retardant, UV-absorbing microcapsules

Calyxia Technology

Microcapsule technology for Advanced Materials

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