Calyxia highlighted on the European Investment Fund (EIF)

An article about Calyxia appeared on the European Investment Fund (EIF)

The latest article from the European Investment Fund (EIF) regarding Calyxia’s biodegradable microcapsules underscores the pressing need to eliminate microplastics from industrial processes.

Microplastics are used in agriculture products to boost crop yields and in everyday consumer care products to achieve long-lasting fragrance delivery. The escalating concentration of microplastics is nearing a critical point that could have catastrophic consequences for the environment, biodiversity, and human health.

Calyxia’s primary goal is to assist global manufacturers in achieving Sustainable Development Goals by substituting microplastics with sustainably manufactured biodegradable microcapsule alternatives.

To read the complete article click on the link below. Alternatively, contact us to learn more about our microencapsulated solutions for the agriculture sector.

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