Agribusiness review

Agribusiness Review: Calyxia chosen as one of Europe’s top 10 Agribiotech companies

Calyxia is thrilled to announce its selection as one of Europe’s top 10 Agribiotech companies by Agribusiness Review!

This wouldn’t be possible without the enormous contribution of our valuable team in the development of Naturacaps, our fully biodegradable microcapsule, and the latest innovation in microencapsulation for the agriculture sector.  Calyxia’s Naturacaps product is capable of reducing agrochemical usage, fighting against soil artificialization, and increasing crop yield production.

“Through our microcapsule technology, we facilitate precision agriculture to enhance food production in an environmentally safe and sustainable manner,” Jamie Walters CEO of Calyxia.

To learn more about Calyxia’s journey and its innovative microcapsules, read the full article by clicking on the link below or visit the page about us.

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