Calyxia interview on Le Figaro Economy 2023

Calyxia interviewed on Le Figaro Economie

In a recent interview with Le Figaro Economie, Jamie Walters, the CEO of Calyxia, and Estelle Torre, Sales Director, shed light on the remarkable evolution of Calyxia as a company. What started as a spin-off from Harvard University and ESPCI Paris – PSL has now transformed into a leading SME in microencapsulation.

Calyxia has forged strategic partnerships with top-tier manufacturers across various industries, including agriculture, consumer care, and advanced materials. Our collaborative efforts aim not only to boost product performance but also to combat the global issue of microplastic pollution.

To learn more about Calyxia’s journey and its innovative biodegradable and high-performance microcapsules, watch the full interview by clicking on the link below or visit the page about us.

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