France Chimie

Calyxia spotlighted by France Chimie, Île-de-France

Chemistry plays an essential role for the future of the world and, of course, in today society!

France chimie Île-de-France video highlights the impact of chemistry on our societies and how entrepreneurs are contributing to increase the value and the performance of chemistry in France.


Alongside France Chimie Île-de-France and its members, Calyxia is fully committed to:

·       Create sustainable development,

·       And the circular economy,

·       With green chemistry,

·       And youth employment and internship programs!

Calyxia is and will always remain committed to go beyond chemistry to build a Green and Advanced World together!

Watch the video to know more about chemistry in Île-de-France!!

Join us to discover the future of protected, high-performance polymer additives for advanced performance, lightweight, and durable specialty polymers with new functionalities.

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