Calyxia Webinar : Polymer Additives

Mark your Calendars!

Next Thursday 22nd of April, Calyxia is holding a webinar with Specialchem Innovations Days, to present the solutions for advanced and more sustainable specialty polymers and elastomers.

Why should you attend?
In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to bring unique functionalities to materials
  • How to advance performance and durability of materials
  • How to fully protect and deliver reactive, functional, or optical additives

Calyxia’s technology is the first and only perfectly sealed, process resistant, and completely customizable microencapsulation technology. Calyxia’s technology allows for reactive, functional, and optical polymer additives to be protected even in the most extreme temperature and shear processing conditions (extrusion, injection, compression molding, film casting…). With seven delivery mechanisms, Calyxia microcapsules ensure that the polymer additives are delivered at the right time and site for maximum performance.


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Join us to discover the future of protected, high-performance polymer additives for advanced performance, lightweight, and durable specialty polymers with new functionalities.

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