the big conference

Calyxia’s conference for The Big by Bpifrance

Calyxia’s Chief Technological Officer, Damien Démoulin, was at the Big – Europe’s premier business gathering, hosted at L’AccordArena, Paris. This monumental event was brought by Bpifrance.
The topic of this wonference was about Green Encapsulation: “A solution to address the microplastics regulation?”

Delve deep into the current EU regulatory challenges surrounding microplastics. Learn how Calyxia’s deep-tech biodegradable microcapsules address the pressing environmental challenges of the 21st century and provide industries with profitable and sustainable solutions.

A big thanks to our partners at Bpifrance and la Chem Tech for organizing this great event and for their unwavering support toward innovation and sustainable practices in the chemical industry.

Click on the link below to watch the video, and if you wish to know more don’t hesitate to contact us

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